Thursday, 28 June 2007

Super Mario Papercraft: World 7-3


Download PDF: Mirror 1
Download PDF: Mirror 2
Download PDF: Mirror 3

This model was delayed a little from the pain of having my wisdom teeth removed, and also because I've been busy preparing to leave for Malaysia.

However I did manage to put some time aside to work on World 7-3 for Super Mario Papercraft.

I recieved some feedback which suggested my models weren't lively enough (compared to the Sonic papercraft), even though SMB1 was a significantly simpler game than Sonic. My original focus was on accurately recreating a scene from the level to scale rather than model complexity.

But if you guys talk, I listen. So I bent the rules of accuracy a tiny bit to make this slightly more detailed model. More enemies, more landmark features, and more of a 3-D feel.

Enjoy! I'll be back in a month.



Marci B. said...

I am so incredibly impressed....

Amory Burgess said...

That is cool linked over to it :D

Beau, Kiera, Madison and Wilson said...

WOW! So SWEET! I've made all three and have SO many people ask where I got them... I'm wondering if Metroid or Zelda might be on the horizon?

Thanks again for these!


Beau, Kiera, Madison and Wilson said...

Just a suggestion after staring at mine for an hour... What if you made the end of the green grass pieces a little longer so the square perpendicular tabs aren't seen from behind?


Bitbot said...

This is extremely COOL and CUTE! Totally love it. Thanks lots! It looks SO mario!

Sean said...

Nice papercraft. I just finished a magnet mario papercraft. Templates and images are included. You can find it here: