Thursday, 7 June 2007

Super Mario Papercraft Diorama: World 1-1 End

Download PDF: Mirror 1
Download PDF: Mirror 2
Download PDF: Mirror 3

Good luck folding the flagpole. ;-)

There are more models on the way, too.



k. borcz said...

Ooooh- I love it! I shall be making one for decorative purposes.

Xeen said...

My god. You are too cool for words.

Now I must go steal a printer.

Anonymous said...

Simple yet nice. ;o)

Anonymous said...

This was pretty cool to make. I gave it to my brother as a birthday gift and he seems to like it.

The pole was a bit of a problem though. I've figured that it's actually easier to make if you extend the tab and roll the paper up rather than folding it.